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Rent A Relative LLC, the St. Louis area's premier lifestyle concierge service, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a personal assistant without the commitment of a full-time employee. St. Louis, MO natives, we built our concierge reputations as personal assistants, event planners, and celebrity stylists, and are committed to tackling your to-do list so you can focus on what's important in life.

We will pick up your dry cleaning, groceries, prescriptions, and mail. We will pamper your pet and arrange for corporate or personal travel plans. We'll water your plants while you're on vacation, and wait for the cable company while you're at work. We know where to score everything from funky yoga mats to vintage shaving kits, and we're happy to select the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boss or grandma. We can plan your parties and send out your invitations. We'll book your tickets for sporting events, plays and museums. Rent A relative will advise you on the best restaurant or bar to take everyone from a hot date to your in-laws. We'll even save you seats the opening night of a blockbuster while you enjoy your dinner!

Rent A Relative develops close relationships with our clients. We will work within an established budget to custom design a plan perfectly tailored to your needs. St. Louis life is moving extremely fast, let Rent A Relative help run errands and relieve some responsibility so that you may enjoy your life and get everything finished.

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